Essential Oils Workshops

Pre-registration is required.
Use the green scheduling box to book your spot.

Did you know… high quality, high vibration Essential Oils can help maintain good health, including keeping skin glowing and youthful? They can even help you stay focused, cheerful and productive. And that’s just the beginning! I’ll show you how to enjoy these benefits in a fun workshop.

The Essential Oils Experience is a 2-hour workshop that is perfect for beginners and experienced users. Even if you’ve been using oils for years, I guarantee you’ll learn new ways to use them. Pick a date and bring a friend.
E-mail me your full name, phone number. (Also include the e-mail address of anyone you’re bringing.)

e-Transfer $25 per person to to secure your spot.

If you bought a Groupon or other deal voucher, please bring a hard copy of the voucher and e-mail me the voucher number, too. ( ) Thank you!

Upcoming Essential Oils Workshops: There are several each month. Check the green box to the right and book yourself a spot!

Special Price: $25. You’ll use the 10 most popular oils and get lots of handouts to take home.

Pre-registration is required. Classes are kept very small.

Carrot Common Offices 320 Danforth Ave. Suite 202. Above Timothy’s World Coffee. Just west of Chester subway station.

If the dates above are not good for you, I am willing to arrange a special date and time, if you have between six and ten others join you, in a pet-free location.




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