Scars Tell Our Stories

It’s Groundhog Day! The rodent oracle has indicated an early spring! In the film Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character relives this day multiple times. I don’t remember why, but it gets old fast. So…where are you experiencing the same thing over and over again? Do you have chronic pain? Bad habits? Same negative thoughts? If so, you’d benefit from a positive shift. You might want to start by reviewing the story of your life through your scars.

Scars are very personal. The stories are very specific. They are a map of your autobiography. Scars usually come with emotional pain, and almost definitely physical pain. You know I’m a fan of altering the perception of pain and trauma. Re-writing memories, clearing the energetic debris, letting go of everything not in harmony with your heart. I use many systems to help with all that. Now I have a new one: Scar Release Therapy, MPS Method.

A scar affects the fascia (the net-like tissue that holds us together). It’s just under our skin and scars make it bunch up, harden and pull on surrounding tissue. The amount of pain and dysfunction this can cause is tremendous. Emotions can become upset or disorganized, seemingly unrelated body parts are affected…all because the acupuncture (energy) points on the body are impacted. This is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Releasing scars also improves their appearance. Puckering, redness, indentations improve.

Those of you who have had energy work with me know that I always stimulate acupressure points for both physical and emotional releases. People much smarter than me have created little hand-held devices (Dolphin Neurostim) that give a micro-current of energy to these acupressure points, and the releases are much faster. Specifically, by running the current through scar tissue, communication between cells is increased, and the body takes over, doing its own healing work. Very often, the results are immediate. Sometimes, several sessions are needed.

Abdominal scars are the most problematic, affecting digestion, elimination and possibly the function of all organs. Anyone who has had heart surgery, hernias, Caesarian sections, gallbladder surgery, appendectomy, breast reduction or augmentation, hysterectomy… any kind of invasive procedure…would benefit from scar release therapy. It is also possible to have scar tissue from moles and injuries that did not result in surgery, such as falls, whiplash, repetitive strain, carpal tunnel, sprains, etc. Fibromyalgia sufferers and epileptics also find relief by releasing scars.

My regular fee of $150 per hour applies. For the first ten people willing to let me take before-and-after pictures of their scars, I will reduce the fee to $100. I have room for three people in my office this Tuesday, the 3rd. Please call me to book 416.873.7199.   (Home and hospital visits are $200 for the first hour, $150 for subsequent hours.)

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