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Aromatherapy Sprays

Glorious, original scents to instantly transform your space! I hand-make these sprays using the highest-quality essential oils. Blended with great love and skill. Synergistically formulated to work on environmental, emotional and physical levels. These fragrant, natural sprays will make you smile.

I have been making these sprays since 1995, when I discovered that commercial air fresheners are known to cause cancer and neurological disorders. I urge you, for your health, to stop using these store products, whether in spray form or plug-in form. They are highly toxic. Thankfully, there is this alternative.

Common uses for my aromatherapy sprays include:

Mood enhancer, stay-alert car spray, yoga mat disinfectant, body mist, meditation aid, air freshener, killing air-borne germs and insect repellent. (Bugs Away! Is the only one to repel insects, and it also does all the other things, too. Many people use Bugs Away! for air freshening.)

All combinations are made with 9 to 14 organic essential oils.
Sprays are long-lasting and have a shelf life of 4 – 6 years.

Bugs Away! A safe, effective insect repellent.

This is an excellent insect repellent. Safe to spray on the clothing of babies over six months. Safe to spray on skin of children aged one year and up. None of the oils in Bugs Away! will make you photo-sensitive, so sun tanning is okay.

1 100ml Bottle for $12
2 100ml Bottles for $22 – 5% discount
3 100ml Bottles for $30 – 10% discount


Lavender Mist, to relax, refresh and cleanse.

Lavender is nature’s go-to oil. This blend is mostly lavender, with other oils added to enhance its function. A single spray on your pillow will help you sleep better. To relax and de-stress, spray in the air and notice how much more grounded you feel. Also kills germs and odors.

1 100ml Bottle for $12
2 100ml Bottles for $22 – 5% discount
3 100ml Bottles for $30 – 10% discount


Citrus Spirit, to uplift, release and detoxify.

Use this spray to lighten your mood and give you an energy boost. Keep a bottle in the car to keep you alert while driving. It’s an air freshener, purifier and killer of airborne germs. A spritz on your body will give you a clean, fresh scent.

1 100ml Bottle for $12
2 100ml Bottles for $22 – 5% discount
3 100ml Bottles for $30 – 10% discount


Cinnamon Spice to stimulate, energize and inspire feelings of comfort. A favourite with men!

1 100ml Bottle for $12
2 100ml Bottles for $22 – 5% discount
3 100ml Bottles for $30 – 10% discount


Set of Four: Get your choice of any combination of four sprays: Bugs Away, Lavender Mist, Cinnamon Spice and Citrus Spirit for $40,  a 15% discount!

Just add a note along with your payment of which four sprays you would like, it is that easy.


Excellent for any function – shower/wedding favours, corporate gifts, golf tournaments, fundraisers, etc

Labels can be custom-designed to suit your event. Please allow 6-8 weeks for fulfillment of bulk orders. Contact me for pricing depending on order size.

NOTE: Please be advised that because some oils have natural, microscopic pulp, occasionally the spay top will become clogged. To clean it, unscrew the spray pump and remove the dip tube. Run hot water into the bottom end of the fine mist sprayer for about 20 seconds. Repeat if necessary.
Common Sense Precautions:

  • Do not spray near your eyes
  • Keep bottle out of reach of children
  • Be cautious using sprays during pregnancy
  • Avoid sun exposure when using Citrus Spirit as a body spray
  • In rare cases, people with asthma or hypertension may react to certain essential oils; use small amount to test sensitivity
  • If hands have been in contact with oils, do not touch your face, eyes, mucous membranes, nose, or genitals

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