Property Clearings

Property Clearings Toronto

This is to help sell your property quickly, above asking price. No guarantees, of course, but so far, it always works. Also useful to make your environment more comfortable, to clear negativity and heaviness in the house, so residents feel better and get along.

$475.  The clearing is done repeatedly over 10 days.  Report sent at the end. 


Done remotely. I need pictures of all rooms, exterior (all sides), any outdoor structures (shed, tree house, pool house, garage) and a long view of the street, showing the home. e-mail to or send link to the listing.
For condos, include pictures of the entire building, your hallway, parking spot and storage/locker.

I will clear the energy of previous owners from your home or business. Energy flow of the premise will be balanced. Any malevolent spiritual entities will be purged. Energetic clearings are the smart real estate agent’s secret to success. Properties virtually always sell faster, for a higher fee.

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