Group Healing For Women

In light of recent allegations about violence toward women by a popular radio host, and the widespread implications, I’m offering a special, focused group healing for women this week (and subsequent weeks, if needed), I’ll briefly outline the far-reaching effects of local news, gone global.

It has been only one week since the CBC fired Jian Ghomeshi. The once-beloved host of the popular arts and culture talk show, Q, is an alleged violent sexual predator. To date, eight women have shared the horrors of dating JG. Many of us have read and heard about his punching, slapping, biting, choking and verbal abuse of unsuspecting women. He claims he had their consent to “rough sex.” They say they were shocked to be suddenly assaulted and confused by his nonchalant manner afterward.

There are so many pieces about this story, that I do not need to write any more about it. What I care about is the effects of this news on the people who were Jian’s fans, friends, family and colleagues. I think it’s especially bad for Torontonians. Jian was in our midst. We went to live tapings of Q, we met him at events he hosted, we may have seen him perform in his band, Moxy Fruvous, years ago. We shared in the pride that a local guy had created a great radio show and taken it to fame here and abroad.

All this leads a fan to a feeling of familiarity; we feel like we know him – kind of. For the artsy crowd, he spoke our language, interviewed our favourite musicians, authors, actors. He seemed to understand our politics. He said he’s a vegetarian who does yoga every day. He said he reads a lot and doesn’t go out much. So, when he wrote the 1600-word Facebook post letting us know that the CBC had fired him because a jilted ex-girlfriend was about to say some nasty things about him, we believed it.
Then other women come forward about their painful sexual experiences with Jian. It became apparent that our support was mis-directed. Our biases had been formed by the illusion that we knew Jian.

Some of the emotions that I went through: shock, disbelief, disgust, anger, betrayal, embarrassment – because it happened in my city. Feelings associated with his victims that I experienced: shame (that I didn’t believe the first allegations), sadness, sorrow, empathy, confusion…and TRAUMA.  I have felt traumatized by all the details, all the articles and interviews. Yet I haven’t been able to stop reading everything I can about this situation.

I finally sat down and cleared myself of all these burdensome emotions. I did EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on myself. Feeling so grateful that I have such resources at the ready, I thought of all the other people, women in particular, who may be feeling like I did, but had no healthy way of dealing with the emotions.
Because of this, I decided to offer something helpful to my community:

Group Healing For Women

Tuesday, November 4th.

1:00 – 3:00 pm

Pay What You Can

320 Danforth Ave., Suite 206

We will use EFT to clear the emotions common to the group. This is not talk therapy. It is a method of clearing/neutralizing the emotional charge that gets stuck in our cells. Left untreated, it can lead to physical illness and further emotional disturbances. You will leave feeling much better, lighter, more hopeful, more emotionally stable. Please share this with anyone who has been affected by news of violence toward women. A men’s group will form if there is interest.  Please contact me to reserve your spot. 416.873.7199

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