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Out On a L.I.M. – Day 9: Offering Economical Group Healings

I’ve had an idea flying around my head for a few months. Now it’s literally in my bones and I get antsy knowing I haven’t done it yet.  Let’s call it a mission. I had the idea to do group BEAM Therapy sessions and tried it out over the phone and web.  All the great feedback from participants inspired me to make it a regular thing. I’m thinking of having two locations – one downtown and one north of Toronto.

Bio-energetic Emotional Access Method (BEAM Therapy) is the most efficient and effective way I’ve found to improve nearly everything in your life.  The best part of BEAM Therapy? You don’t have to talk about your problems!  No forced sharing at all.  (Can I get a Halleluia?) Between Oprah, Dr. Drew and accelerated learning-style weekend workshops we’ve all high-fived our way through, we’ve heard it all.  In BEAM, sharing personal details has always been optional. In group BEAM, sharing will be practically discouraged so that getting clear will be maximized.  In this way, there’s no need to feel afraid or ashamed.  Your issues remain private.  And, you won’t be triggered, upset or bored by anyone else’s story.  This means bringing your older children will be safe, since no horrific stories of abuse will be shared.  Participants will get their healing, and save money. A private telephone session with me costs $150 for one hour.  Depending on the cost of the space, group sessions will be $25 – $30 per person, making it economical for couples and families, too.

BEAM Therapy clears trauma.  A trauma is any experience (including your own thoughts and behaviours) that made you feel bad.  Any loss of power or leak of energy is a trauma. Each trauma lowers your vitality (your cellular vibration). Too much accumulated, unprocessed trauma results in illness and your life generally falling apart. Since the most destructive traumas are universal (abandonment, relationships, injuries, criticism, etc.), we all share common experiences.  The fact that we are all one, energetically and spiritually connected to each other makes the group session fully effective.  I treat the group as one entity, and muscle test to discover the priority issues to clear at each session.

My mission is to find locations for group BEAM Therapy and begin before my 100 days are up.  How does this improve my life, as per my mission? I get to do more of what I love to do, and impact more people so they can live their best lives.  Please, spread the word.  Join my mailing list so you know when this starts.

For demo of a private BEAM session:

For an explanation of muscle testing, see video:

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Free Online Healing Seminars

Awakening With Lightworkers Telesummit

You are invited to participate in an online telesummit on energy healing. It’s free to listen in and learn from healers who specialize in everything a human being can experience.

I will be the Featured Speaker on Sunday, May 22, 2011. 7:00 pm EST.

My topic:  How Trauma Impacts Your Life – And What You Can Do About It.

I will discuss ways in which repressed trauma shows up in your life and how to recognize it in others. I will give you practical, simple solutions to deal with traumatic memories.

And I will make a very special, affordable offer for participants to help clear their trauma and stress and finally be healthy and happy. Clearing trauma heals all aspects of your life. You want to be on this call!

Register here:

Then, on Sunday May 22nd, listen on your computer. There are different speakers on each day. The Telesummit runs from May 22 – June 1.

No charge.

No travel.

No reason to miss it.

Let your friends know about this – they will appreciate it!

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Good People Worked Here

Kind folks have already been writing or calling me to compliment this new site and ask how I did it.  I laugh out loud and tell them I had nothing to do with it! I’m a healer, not a …webber. I had to hire people.  Finding the right people didn’t happen right away. I didn’t always make good choices. I went with strong  recommendations and was still misled and overcharged. I became frustrated. I got angry. I withdrew. Then I took another chance and found a good team.

I had the site built for a few reasons. 1) So I could get off the phone. I found I was explaining the treatments over and over, being inefficient with my time. By having video demonstrations online, I can refer people to them and shorten my telephone and e-mail conversations, and get back to work. A lot of my work entails continuing education; I must try to keep up with all the studies and writings about energy healing.

2) Much of the healing work I do is just plain weird. For those who have never had energy healing, trying to explain it in writing or by talking  about it is futile. “Show, don’t tell.” That’s what the videos are for.

3) Keeping up with the web-savvy Joneses. All Gods of Marketing are suggesting multi-media to attract clients and help them understand my business. We are light years beyond a tri-fold brochure being the only way to promote a business.  Also, I can have clients anywhere in the world, thanks to the incredibly miraculous way in which we are all connected. I can do distant healing on anyone, anywhere. So I would like people from all over to be able to find me.

4) Energy healing is my business. I do it because I love it. And they say “do what you love and the money will follow.” I am miserable if I do anything else (with the exception of the ocassional acting gig). I can never get to enough healing classes, workshops, conferences, symposiums…so, clearly, it’s my passion. And it’s my business. It’s how I support myself, my community and favourite charities. Please extend to me the same professional courtesies you extend to others on your healthcare team.

I sing praises of infinite thanks to the following good people who have helped me complete this website:

Sophia Anassis of for taking over the design and function of the site after three others failed or disappeared off the Earth. Work was done in a timely manner and with good explanations to help me understand that sometimes my demands exceed what humanity has attained. She also designed an EFT Workshop poster for me that I think is gorgeous… and took a hundred thousand other frustrating tasks off my hands.

Emma Alvarez Gibson who wrote the copy, or tweaked my copy so that non-healers can understand what I’m talking about. Together we brainstormed dozens of taglines and her funny suggestions led me to “Energy healing for everyday people.”  Do you like it? We do! She can be found on her blog

Tom Pauncz, corporate videographer, shot all the indoor video demonstrations of the treatments and energy exercises. He had a lot to contend with, including lots of people and little space, traffic noises and fading daylight. He put in much time and effort to create useful, informative videos. Tom’s further talents can be viewed on his site:

Rick Rose, a film and theatre director/editor/producer, shot the outdoor videos of me doing healing on the street. His expertise, artistic sensibilities and sensitivity towards those receiving healings were appreciated. Being outdoors was a challenge what with all the passersby and their dogs, a lovely but noisy waterfall and our limited shooting schedule. The outdoor videos can be viewed here

Rick’s two sites are and

All the volunteers who appeared on camera in the videos or helped off-screen are wonderful, patient people whose assistance I truly appreciated.

The site will be a work in progress, to be sure. I will be constantly adding information to it, so check back often. Please share the link with your friends. If there is anything in particular you would like information about (healing-related, of course), let me know and I’ll do my best to include it. For now, click through and enjoy!

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