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Scars Tell Our Stories

It’s Groundhog Day! The rodent oracle has indicated an early spring! In the film Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character relives this day multiple times. I don’t remember why, but it gets old fast. So…where are you experiencing the same thing over and over again? Do you have chronic pain? Bad habits? Same negative thoughts? If so, you’d benefit from a positive shift. You might want to start by reviewing the story of your life through your scars.

Scars are very personal. The stories are very specific. They are a map of your autobiography. Scars usually come with emotional pain, and almost definitely physical pain. You know I’m a fan of altering the perception of pain and trauma. Re-writing memories, clearing the energetic debris, letting go of everything not in harmony with your heart. I use many systems to help with all that. Now I have a new one: Scar Release Therapy, MPS Method.

A scar affects the fascia (the net-like tissue that holds us together). It’s just under our skin and scars make it bunch up, harden and pull on surrounding tissue. The amount of pain and dysfunction this can cause is tremendous. Emotions can become upset or disorganized, seemingly unrelated body parts are affected…all because the acupuncture (energy) points on the body are impacted. This is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Releasing scars also improves their appearance. Puckering, redness, indentations improve.

Those of you who have had energy work with me know that I always stimulate acupressure points for both physical and emotional releases. People much smarter than me have created little hand-held devices (Dolphin Neurostim) that give a micro-current of energy to these acupressure points, and the releases are much faster. Specifically, by running the current through scar tissue, communication between cells is increased, and the body takes over, doing its own healing work. Very often, the results are immediate. Sometimes, several sessions are needed.

Abdominal scars are the most problematic, affecting digestion, elimination and possibly the function of all organs. Anyone who has had heart surgery, hernias, Caesarian sections, gallbladder surgery, appendectomy, breast reduction or augmentation, hysterectomy… any kind of invasive procedure…would benefit from scar release therapy. It is also possible to have scar tissue from moles and injuries that did not result in surgery, such as falls, whiplash, repetitive strain, carpal tunnel, sprains, etc. Fibromyalgia sufferers and epileptics also find relief by releasing scars.

My regular fee of $150 per hour applies. For the first ten people willing to let me take before-and-after pictures of their scars, I will reduce the fee to $100. I have room for three people in my office this Tuesday, the 3rd. Please call me to book 416.873.7199.   (Home and hospital visits are $200 for the first hour, $150 for subsequent hours.)

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Group Healing For Women

In light of recent allegations about violence toward women by a popular radio host, and the widespread implications, I’m offering a special, focused group healing for women this week (and subsequent weeks, if needed), I’ll briefly outline the far-reaching effects of local news, gone global.

It has been only one week since the CBC fired Jian Ghomeshi. The once-beloved host of the popular arts and culture talk show, Q, is an alleged violent sexual predator. To date, eight women have shared the horrors of dating JG. Many of us have read and heard about his punching, slapping, biting, choking and verbal abuse of unsuspecting women. He claims he had their consent to “rough sex.” They say they were shocked to be suddenly assaulted and confused by his nonchalant manner afterward.

There are so many pieces about this story, that I do not need to write any more about it. What I care about is the effects of this news on the people who were Jian’s fans, friends, family and colleagues. I think it’s especially bad for Torontonians. Jian was in our midst. We went to live tapings of Q, we met him at events he hosted, we may have seen him perform in his band, Moxy Fruvous, years ago. We shared in the pride that a local guy had created a great radio show and taken it to fame here and abroad.

All this leads a fan to a feeling of familiarity; we feel like we know him – kind of. For the artsy crowd, he spoke our language, interviewed our favourite musicians, authors, actors. He seemed to understand our politics. He said he’s a vegetarian who does yoga every day. He said he reads a lot and doesn’t go out much. So, when he wrote the 1600-word Facebook post letting us know that the CBC had fired him because a jilted ex-girlfriend was about to say some nasty things about him, we believed it.
Then other women come forward about their painful sexual experiences with Jian. It became apparent that our support was mis-directed. Our biases had been formed by the illusion that we knew Jian.

Some of the emotions that I went through: shock, disbelief, disgust, anger, betrayal, embarrassment – because it happened in my city. Feelings associated with his victims that I experienced: shame (that I didn’t believe the first allegations), sadness, sorrow, empathy, confusion…and TRAUMA.  I have felt traumatized by all the details, all the articles and interviews. Yet I haven’t been able to stop reading everything I can about this situation.

I finally sat down and cleared myself of all these burdensome emotions. I did EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on myself. Feeling so grateful that I have such resources at the ready, I thought of all the other people, women in particular, who may be feeling like I did, but had no healthy way of dealing with the emotions.
Because of this, I decided to offer something helpful to my community:

Group Healing For Women

Tuesday, November 4th.

1:00 – 3:00 pm

Pay What You Can

320 Danforth Ave., Suite 206

We will use EFT to clear the emotions common to the group. This is not talk therapy. It is a method of clearing/neutralizing the emotional charge that gets stuck in our cells. Left untreated, it can lead to physical illness and further emotional disturbances. You will leave feeling much better, lighter, more hopeful, more emotionally stable. Please share this with anyone who has been affected by news of violence toward women. A men’s group will form if there is interest.  Please contact me to reserve your spot. 416.873.7199

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Workshop: EFT for Beginners

EFT for Beginners

This workshop is available at any time. Gather your family or a group of friends together, and I will come teach you. Please contact me for more details.  I will also be teaching again soon at the Carrot Common, in Toronto.  Subscribe to the newsletter to stay up-to-date. 

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. Also known as meridian tapping. It’s like acupuncture without the needles! Instead of needles, you use your fingers to tap on key energy points on the face and torso to relieve your distress. EFT is simple to learn and do. It often works where nothing else has.

EFT is an effective non-invasive method of coping with and clearing daily stressors and long-held complaints. You will learn how to use EFT to self-comfort in times of trauma, stress, anxiety and physical discomfort. EFT offers deep relaxation and a quick shift of mood.

Knowing EFT means you can take care of yourself and others. You can always offer help in a crisis. Your hands become a first aid kit!

Absolutely no previous training required.  Mature teenagers are welcome to attend with a parent.

Cost: $150 

Book your spot through our secure Paypal gateway!

No paypal account needed, all major credit cards accepted.

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I Thought It Was Just Me

Having worked with hundreds of clients since 1996, I know that virtually everyone has something they do that they don’t want others to know about. It’s usually a common, even boring activity to which they think they should be beyond succumbing. And it eats at them. Hello, Anxiety. I see you brought your pal, Stress.

I’ll tell you about something I’ve been doing for years, and tried my best to hide.

I procrastinate. I do. I can waste time like it’s my job. Then I feel lousy. Guilty. Stupid. Ridiculous. I add up what the delay has cost me, then I’m furious with myself. It costs money, advancement, fun, intimacy and experiences. Worst of all, it costs the world, because I’ve made less of a contribution.

And in my very human, self-focused way, I always think I’m the only one who has committed this crime. I think that everyone else is better than me, handles their affairs in a timely manner, keeps all promises, makes progress, cleans house, returns all the phone calls, responds to all the e-mails like a pro and therefore has time to see five friends every week. Bah!

Then I watched some videos where I saw people confessing this and many other flaws. And with each person, their flaw was a dark secret of shame. They felt like no one else suffered in the same way.

I don’t always procrastinate, of course. I probably do it for the same reasons others do: fear of making the wrong choice, fear of judgment, lack of energy, lack of interest, having made a commitment that is draining…and other reasons.

I realized my last bout of procrastination had to do with a stuck emotion. I was replaying ancient conversations, improving my responses with each pass. Wanting to end the cycle, I dealt with it by doing EFT and FasterEFT on myself. (Emotional Freedom Techniques and Faster Emotionally Focused Transformation, respectively.)  Many people know it as “tapping” because you tap with your fingers on acupressure points to change how you hold a memory.

I cleared a lot by myself. When I knew I needed an outside eye to finish off, I turned to a colleague to work on me. What a fresh perspective I got. I settled into self-acceptance and self-love. This morphed into clearer thinking, then motivation. I’ve been getting a lot more done. I can foresee what will cause procrastination and nip it in the bud. Usually the pre-emptive solution is to say NO to offers and invites that are not in alignment with my spirit.

As 2014 spins to its end, we can all make this last quarter productive and satisfying. If you need help, book your EFT or Faster EFT sessions now. We’ll get it done in October and November. By the time the holidays come around, you’ll be calm, clear, confident and content…and ready to tackle family and fifteen parties.

Book Skype Sessions Here.

To book sessions in my Toronto office, call 416.873.7199

A video demonstration of EFT. 

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Charming Confidence

I remember a moment where I was utterly taken, delighted to the point of bursting into rhythmic patter. It was a bright, hot day in July and I had an experience of transcendent charm.

I’m not shy; I’m a conversation starter. I was speaking with a young boy in a park. Another boy, about eight years old, or so, heard me speaking, and the cadence of my speech caught his imagination. He repeated what I said, I think to savour what he heard, the way some people repeat a good punch line to themselves. And he did it playfully, not mockingly.

Read entire article by Sophia Zoe published in Pavarti Magazine here.

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