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One way of receiving an aromatherapy treatment is to have the pleasure of a Raindrop Technique session. It is a light massage who purpose is to balance your energies and to get the oils in you to do the healing work they do. A raindrop session is pure relaxation in a feast of healing fragrance.

The Raindrop Technique was developed by Dr. Gary Young. Its name comes from a Lakota Indian legend that tells of tribespeople seeing the Northern Lights and feeling their healing energy rain down on them. Dr. Young translated that into the oils offering healing instead of the lights. It is a system of applying specific essential oils in a specific order with specific massage strokes on the feet, neck and back. Think of it as being drenched in healing.

Raindrop Therapy Essential Oils Treatment TorontoBesides having many unique beneficial properties, essential oils also have unique energy signatures. They most certainly have beneficial effects on every aspect of your being. I recommend the Raindrop Technique whenever you need a boost, a healing, a pampering and a sure method to ward off germs in any season.

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Raindrop Technique

This is a very specific application of therapeutic-grade essential oils to the feet, spine and shoulders. Raindrop is especially useful for detoxification and in cases of tension, aches, sprains, colds, and flu. Light strokes are used as the oils do most of the work. I am not an RMT; it is not covered by insurance.

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Minimum 24 hours’ notice. If you have a friend or family member step in to replace you, there is no charge to you, as they will pay for the session. There are no refunds on pre-paid sessions, for any reason. Thank you for your understanding.


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