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EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and is considered the emotional, needle-less version of acupuncture. It quickly clears away emotional issues through gentle finger tapping on points found mostly on the face and torso. These are points we naturally touch in times of stress, as seen in the video. Combining the principles of mind-body medicine and acupuncture, EFT can bring tremendous relief in a short period of time. Clients are often surprised when a stubborn physical issue is related to an emotion, then is so easily neutralized with EFT.

The standard procedure for EFT involves first asking yourself how intense or distressing your problem is, on a scale of zero to ten, with ten being the most distress imaginable. Then, you begin by stating your problem and the emotion connected to it. This is known as the Setup Phrase, and it is spoken at the beginning of each issue clearing, while tapping on the side of the hand. For example, someone wanting to decrease the number of headaches she gets would begin by tapping on the side of either hand, saying something like, “Even though I get awful headaches when I’m angry, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” She would then move on to tapping on other meridian points, and use only the ‘reminder phrase’ of “these angry headaches.” If she became aware of another emotion, or a more detailed link to this problem, we would incorporate that into the language: “Even though I get headaches when I’m angry from being ignored at work, I deeply love and accept myself.” The round of tapping would continue with “I’m angry they ignore me” or something similar.

EFT Toronto, Emotional Freedom Technique Toronto, EFT TappingAt the end of each round of tapping, you ask yourself again what your distress level is. As long as it is higher than a 2, you keep tapping. If it’s at a 2 or 1, it usually goes down to zero over the next few minutes without any further tapping.

It may feel a bit awkward to begin with. One good way to decide on what to say is to simply imagine that you’re explaining the situation to a friend. Try answering the question, “What’s going on?” Over time, it will feel more natural and you’ll easily come up with your Setup Phrases. By focusing on the issue and the way it makes you feel, and then speaking your Setup Phrases, you disrupt the energy of the issue, which begins clearing the blocked energy path. To quote from The World Center for EFT’s website, the Setup Phrase “‘Sets up’ the problem like it was a bowling pin so that the EFT bowling ball (the rest of the process) can knock it over.”

Imbalances in the body’s subtle energy systems cause emotional and physical problems; the emotions present at the time of the imbalance will help keep that imbalance stuck. EFT has been proven successful in thousands of clinical cases. It is a simple way to relieve just about any type of imbalance, be it emotional or physical, including traumas, stress, phobias, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, anger management, pain management, sciatica, schizophrenia, anorexia, grief—even school, job and sports performance. There are very few situations that cannot be helped with EFT. Any good EFT practitioner has the adventurous attitude of “try it on everything!”

Family or group counseling with EFT helps everyone move forward by leaps and bounds, even if not all members of the group are addressing the same specific issues. The phenomenon known as “borrowing benefits” comes into play in this scenario. Simply by being present, open and compassionate enough to want to see positive change, everyone participating in the session experiences their own progress – a collapsing of the issues surrounding that situation, or something your subconscious mind finds similar.

Group EFT is the secret tool used by some employers; it is effective for work teams – getting everyone in synch so that collaborative efforts are maximized. Group EFT aids in problem solving, increasing creativity, brainstorming and even conflict resolution.Greater understanding of self and others helps to alter behaviour for the better. Increased compassion between individuals creates greater harmony for the group.

One of the things that makes EFT such an excellent therapy is that it can be used in just about any situation, be it a fear of flying or the flu. Treatments are terrific for the whole family. Even children can learn the system quickly and have a sense of mastery. It is very empowering to have a skill literally at your fingertips, which is safe and appropriate to use in any situation that needs improvement.

EFT was developed by Gary Craig, a Stanford engineer. He had studied Thought Field Therapy and found it lacking in user-friendliness and flexibility. The tapping algorithms were complex and different for each problem. EFT uses the same tapping procedure no matter what the problem; each point that is tapped on corresponds to an organ (in Chinese medicine). The problem is cleared from the energy pathways of all the organs, thereby restoring the energy flow and good health. Thus, Gary Craig created a therapeutic system that is easy to master and perform. Thousands of case studies can be read on his site www.emofree.com I have contributed two articles, located in the archives of that site.

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EFT Distant /Remote/ Proxy Sessions

Distant healing is done without the client present, therefore there is no set appointment time. I do the session whenever I can fit it in. The client can be a person or a pet. Please e-mail me a recent picture of just the client. I need to see their eyes clearly. After the session, I will e-mail you a report on what I discovered and worked on.  Send pictures to s@sophiazoe.com

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Corporate Wellness

Performance Enhancement for your Employees

On-site for Toronto and area, phone or Skype internationally.

Improve your bottom line. Have employees work at their peak potential, generate more ideas, foster fearlessness.
Contact me to discuss corporate on-site sessions, or remote sessions for you and your employees.
An effective and popular addition to Corporate Retreats.

Cancellation Policy
Minimum 24 hours’ notice. If you have a friend or family member step in to replace you, no charge.  No refunds. Proceeds will go to a charity of my choosing. Thank you for your understanding.

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