BEAM Therapy

BEAM Therapy Toronto, Bio-energetic Emotional Access Method


BEAM stands for Bio-energetic Emotional Access Method.


This type of trauma clearing is very helpful for you if:

BEAM Therapy Toronto, BEAM Distance Healing Proxy Sessions

BEAM Vials – Common Traumas

  • You’re unhappy in any way
  • You’re unhealthy in any way

The most desired qualities of life are good health and happiness. Where do you need help? It could be in physical health, emotions, mental state, finances, relationships, career, addictions, behaviours, patterns, fears, stress….the list is endless. Wherever you are unhealthy or unhappy, there is an energetic block or trauma preventing health and happiness.  BEAM clears stress and trauma – permanently.

A trauma can be a major, life-altering event like divorce or the death of a loved one, or a series of smaller defeats and disappointments that have shaped you into the person you are today.

How to know if you have unresolved trauma affecting your life – a few hints:

  • You are a good person with a lot of misfortune.
  • You have had some health issues. Some of them were mysterious.
  • Your relationships have been difficult and others abandon you regularly.
  • You resent the happiness, success, good health and possessions of others.
  • You are easily and often offended, annoyed, exasperated, misunderstood.
  • You have rarely been satisfied with your life; still waiting for the good days.
  • You don’t feel like the ‘real’ you has emerged yet. You want to express yourself.

Typically, most of these traumas happen during our formative years: from conception to 14 years. Defined as any event that left you with bad feelings, a trauma may not have impacted anyone else–but only your perception matters. If it felt bad to you, your subconscious considered it a trauma.

After BEAM, most people say they didn’t know they could be so happy.

With BEAM Therapy, your emotional baggage is neutralized. Your emotional triggers or hot-buttons are de-activated. You’ll be free to live in the present, not bound to the past. Your true nature will emerge. You will be the best you possible. You will have clarity of thought and become more intuitive, as the psycho-emotional interference is released. Major life decisions become easy to make. Bad habits and addictions fall away—since they were developed as a means to cope with trauma, once the trauma is cleared, the addictions become unnecessary. Those substances and behaviors will lose their allure.

Additionally, any physical issues related to your trauma will reverse as you clear layers of past, unprocessed trauma. These accumulated traumas get suppressed and stored in various body parts for later expression.

BEAM Therapist, BEAM Treatment Toronto

BEAM – Most Traumatic Issues

How is BEAM Therapy performed?

1. You drink lots of water. Proper hydration is necessary for accurate muscle testing.

2. I perform a series of quick tests to make sure your energy is flowing correctly. If it’s not, we make the easy corrections.

3. I muscle test the vibrational vials* to see what is affecting you subconsciously today. Each vial has been imprinted with the energetic frequency of an issue, emotion or allergen. We do not open the vials.

4. The vials that are relevant to treatment are put near your body. You can sit in a chair or lie down.

5. You stimulate your chakras (energy centres) by rubbing them in a circle five times.

6. I muscle test to discover what issues need to be cleared today.

7. You close your eyes and say the phrase relating to your issue as you hold your own chakras in sequence. I will guide you. (e.g. “I was abandoned” or “I felt rage”)

8. You let any associated memories drift into your consciousness – this is what’s being cleared. It will look like an old home movie. You will NOT experience the stress or trauma of the situation. Often, it is a bird’s eye view and this is where a new perception or understanding of the situation takes place.

9. After the last chakra has cleared, you take a deep breath. I ask if there’s anything you’d like to share with me. If yes, we discuss it. You don’t have to tell me what you’ve seen. The clearing occurs whether you discuss it or not. The details of your memory can remain private, thus making this an excellent treatment for children, those with a language barrier, victims of violent crime, or for those who are not comfortable sharing personal details.

10. We repeat the process for the next most-relevant phrase to be cleared, as discovered by muscle testing again.  Each session is one hour long.

How will I feel after a BEAM session?

At the end of the treatment, you may feel lighter, calmer, more relaxed, more positive, less stressed. You may also feel tired. This is because your cells are moving into a higher rate of vibration, which takes effort. Physical discomfort often improves. Emotional upset will have been neutralized. Over the next few days to a week, you will feel bigger, more profound results.

BEAM Vials – Common Allergens

Energetic Toxins

Clients often report the elimination of allergies or sensitivities. This is because BEAM clears away a common secondary issue of trauma: energetic toxins. These are substances present at the time of a trauma and are subconsciously connected to it. For instance, if a child learns of her parents’ impending divorce over a chicken dinner, and this event is traumatizing to her, every substance present at that dinner is a potential allergen. Subconsciously, the food and the bad news become connected. If those foods are present at another trauma, and another, the association grows stronger. Over time, the child could find that chicken upsets her stomach and potatoes cause a rash. By including these vials when clearing trauma, we are able to accomplish deeper healing and usually eliminate allergies and sensitivities altogether.

How do I know BEAM is working for me?

Clearing trauma causes shifts in perception and cognition. The results may include changes in perception of pain, improvement in symptoms of degenerative diseases, strained relationships resolving themselves, increased confidence and vitality, bad habits being eliminated, to attracting better experiences for yourself, since you will have released the trauma and be operating at a higher level, vibrationally. Your entire life will improve and you’ll feel more balanced and joyous.

As you clear the issue, you’ll notice that you may yawn, sigh, breathe deeply, exhale forcefully or, on rare occasions, cry. These are all vibrations of release. Yawning is the most common release. (The crying is never sobbing; it’s simply a release of tears, usually occurring at only one chakra that has stored most of that particular memory.) Within the hour, we typically clear between three and eight issues.

Because I muscle test to discover what the priority issues for clearing are, BEAM is a much faster and accurate treatment than talk therapy (where your conscious mind decides what to work on). Your conscious mind is only 3% of your mind. The subconscious is the other 97%. With muscle testing, we are accessing the wisdom and intelligence of the subconscious mind.

With BEAM therapy, many or all aspects of your life will improve – sometimes in small increments, other times in giant leaps. It’s an exciting process!

By clearing past trauma and stress, the true you will emerge. You’ll be at your best, attracting the best possible people and experiences. Contact me now to set up your BEAM sessions.

Please Note: BEAM Therapy at a distance (also known as ‘proxy healing’) is how the majority of my clients are treated. That means that I am not physically with the client in any way; not in person, not by telephone, not by SKYPE. And yes – it works just as well as being in person! Sometimes, even better. “Distance” does not exist in the universal energy field. Distant healing works like prayer; you can be in Canada and pray for your friends in Japan…and they receive the energy of your good intentions.  Distance is absolutely not an issue. You may have yourself or your loved ones treated with distant BEAM. Simply e-mail me the person’s picture, name, birthday and location and I will do the session, then e-mail you the list of issues that were cleared.

For children and seniors and people who don’t speak English, distant or proxy healing is perfect. They don’t even have to know they are being treated. I connect with them spiritually to gain permission to proceed, and do the treatment as their surrogate. I do BEAM Therapy on myself, while I focus on a picture of the intended recipient. They receive the healing benefits.

BEAM at a distance is an excellent treatment for your pets. Pets have their own issues, plus those of their owners. One-session cures occur on a regular basis. I just need you to e-mail me a picture of your pet and its name and age. I will connect energetically, do a distant BEAM treatment and e-mail you the list of issues that were cleared.  (Same fee as a person.)

* Muscle testing is done using small vials containing saline solution plus the energetic frequency of specific issues and emotions; that’s the “bio-energetic” part of BEAM. The vials are placed on or near the client’s body (in her energetic field) during the chakra-clearing procedure. The vials are never opened. At the end of the session, the vials are removed.  See the Muscle Testing Video here.

Payment Methods Accepted

PayPal, Credit Cards, E-mail transfer. Full payment must be made at the time of booking.

BEAM Distance/ Remote/ Proxy Healing Sessions

This is a popular choice. Distant healing is done without the client present, therefore there is no set appointment time. I fit it in when I can. The client can be a person or a pet. Please e-mail me a picture of just the client. I need to see the eyes clearly. Also send their date of birth and location.  After the session, I e-mail you a report on what I discovered and worked on. Send picture to

# of Sessions

BEAM in Sophia’s Office, or by Telephone or SKYPE

# of Sessions

Corporate Wellness
Performance Enhancement for your Employees

On-site for Toronto and area, phone or Skype internationally.

Improve your bottom line. Have employees work at their peak potential, generate more ideas, foster fearlessness.
Contact me to discuss corporate on-site sessions, or remote sessions for you and your employees.
An effective and popular addition to Corporate Retreats.

NOW OFFERING: GROUP BEAM (in-office or by distance)

Please contact me about Group BEAM sessions. You must pre-qualify to join the group.
Groups run when there is a minimum of 6 participants.
Each session costs just $60, per person.


Cancellation Policy
Minimum 24 hours’ notice. If you have a friend or family member step in to replace you, no charge to you.

No refunds, for any reason.  Proceeds will go to a charity of my choosing.  Thank you for your understanding.

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