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Aromatherapy is Mother Nature’s gift to us. It refers to the therapeutic use of top-grade essential oils. The oils are extracted from flowers, fruits, leaves, roots, grasses, woods and spices. These oils are like the ‘blood’ of the plant, carrying all the nutrients and protective elements. The plant essences are most commonly extracted by steam distillation; however, citrus oils are extracted via cold expression.

I began using essential oils in 1996. Since then, I have used over 40 brands. I was so surprised to realize that there is such an enormous difference in quality from one brand to another.  Having done the research and experimentation, spent thousands of dollars, I feel confident in making only one recommendation: I fully endorse, use and sell Young Living Essential Oils. They are grown/harvested and distilled by D. Gary Young, Naturopath and farmer. The Young Living essential oils – and products containing their oils – are pure enough to receive FDA approval for ingestion.  They are therapeutic-grade. Anything else you buy (even from a health food store) is virtually guaranteed to be adulterated with synthetics, solvents and fillers. That is why you should *never* ingest any oils other than Young Living Essential Oils.

young_living_essential_oilsYoung Living oils have been shown in over 50 independent university and hospital studies to reverse abnormal growths and eliminate mold (many doctors agree that mold/fungus is the cause of cancer). We live in a time when 50% of the population will experience abnormal growths. We owe it to ourselves and our families to reduce this risk as much as possible. Daily use of essential oils is a simple preventive measure.

The organic chemical properties of each essential oil determine its primary action and each oil has distinct healing properties. When the oils are applied topically, they are absorbed by the skin and enter the bloodstream. This is why you must use the highest quality oils. They enhance the functions of the organs and systems to which they correspond. For instance, when certain oils are used in skin care, they regulate capillary activity and work to restore tissue.

Inhaling the scent of an essential oil has a pronounced effect on the mind and body as well. The sense of smell is strongly linked to memory. Therefore, using essential oils when clearing trauma is highly effective. I use them with EFT and BEAM Therapy and get great results. It helps the healing ‘stick.’ When the olfactory and physical senses are combined the outcome is even better.

During an Aromatherapy massage, you receive a massage with an oil combination blended just for you, once you have consulted about your current symptoms and concerns. A session of this very popular treatment lasts one hour. You may feel the positive effects immediately, or within a few days after treatment.

The Raindrop Technique is a wonderful, healing experience. It involves the use of nine specific oils, applied with feather strokes and Gary Young’s VitaFlex technique. Excellent to have for back issues and when your immune system needs a serious boost.

For more specific information on Young Living essential oils, and to purchase them if you wish,  click here.

My Daily Essential Oils Use:

Valor is an oil blend I love. A couple drops along the arch of each foot sets me straight and gives me emotional strength. Sometimes I use this as my deodorant, too, or perfume.

Lemon oil in my water. It’s not tart, like lemon juice. No – lemon oil comes from the rind. It tastes like lemon candy! Promotes liver activity. It digests petrochemicals. This is so important – you don’t want these toxins sticking around. I use a few drops of lemon oil per bowl of water, to soak my produce in. This removes surface chemicals. Then I rinse the produce very well. *Only use glass or stainless steel containers with citrus oils, otherwise the oil will break down the plastic, and you do not want to ingest that.

Progessence Phyto Plus is my endocrine system support. It helps my body produce its own hormones. I am so much calmer and can handle stress way better! I use it the two weeks before my cycle begins, either as my deodorant, or on my neck.

EndoFlex is the endocrine support I use the other half of the month, when I don’t use Progessence Phyto Plus. I put it on the front of my neck, on that gland. ; )

Abundance is a blend that has turned my finances around. I put it on my the bottoms of my feet as I say “I walk in abundance, every step of the way.”

Peppermint is maybe my favourite essential oil. It’s great for clearing the mind, relieving any tension and discomfort, energizing and awakening. It really brings me back to my body and gives me focus. Also great for tummy trouble – just rub on the belly.

Lavender is so adaptable, it can be used for virtually any situation – especially skin issues and relaxation. I like to blend it into my moisturizer with Frankincense. * Please note: while using 40 other brands of oil, each lavender oil would burn my skin terribly. Young Living’s lavender is the only one that doesn’t burn me, demonstrating its purity.

Frankincense repairs damaged DNA and promotes cellular repair, so it’s terrific for skin care. It goes in my moisturizer every day. A drop each time. Also being studied in hospitals and universities for its power to shrink abnormal growths. As a spiritual and meditative aid, it is legendary. I drop it on my head and rub it over my heart for greater spiritual connection.

Thieves is a powerful blend that I take daily from October to May, and when travelling. At the first hint of sore throat, or after the first sneeze, I put two drops under my tongue, hold until it’s too spicy, then add water and swallow. I repeat this after 30 minutes, and after 60 minutes. It’s how I’ve avoided catching everything going around.

Believe is a blend I inhale and rub on my solar plexus when visualizing my goals for the day. It helps me feel empowered to do what I find challenging.

Cinnamon and Tangerine These two oils taste so great, they are my afternoon treat. Cinnamon is very strong, so I put only one drop of it in my large glass of water, and about five drops of tangerine. Cinnamon helps balance blood sugar and tangerine, being citrus, is a balancer of all systems.

I use many other essential oils, depending on the day. Generally, I use about 30 drops per day. I feel so supported physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I love these oils!  See the right sidebar for my upcoming workshops on how to use these essential oils for your well-being.

My Young Living Member ID is 1186404. You need to be sponsored into the company to buy directly from them. I’d love to be your enroller and sponsor! Please use my number during the sign-up process if you feel you must order right now. Become a Wholesale Member for 24% off the retail price. But if you can wait a few hours/a day, have a free consultation with me first, so I can help you select products you and your family need. And I’ll walk you through the sign-up process, so it’s quick and easy.

Please note: Even though I am in Canada, the FDA has crossed the border and insisted no company producing health products can make medical claims. We cannot, in a public space such as the internet, speak freely about the deep benefits offered by any health products. So we are forced to use mild and vague language. Please use your imagination when reading. Meanwhile, in France, doctors give patients a choice before writing prescriptions: Natural or synthetic? Natural means essential oils will be ingested, synthetic means drugs. What an advanced, holistic society!

Mandatory Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Please consult with your physician for medical care, particularly if you are pregnant, asthmatic, have low/high blood pressure or other conditions.

Aromatherapy Massage or Raindrop Technique

This is a light, lymphatic massage. The oils do most of the work.
I am not a registered massage therapist; it is not covered by insurance.
Great for fluid retention, aches, soreness, colds, weight loss, detoxification, stress relief.

Session in Sophia’s Office

Sessions in my Danforth Ave. office are $200 per 60-minute massage.

Number of Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Minimum 24 hours’ notice. If you have a friend or family member step in to replace you, no charge to you.

No refunds.  Proceeds will go to a charity of my choosing. Thank you for your understanding.

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