Welcome to my site! If you have been directed here by my appearance on CTV’s Canada AM, or from the telesummit From Heartache To Joy, I thank you for finding me!
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Do you want to feel better?
Are you feeling heavy or stuck in any way?
Have you suppressed your spirit, emotions and talents?

I can help. I specialize in relieving stress and clearing trauma,
both understood to be the roots of virtually all dis-ease.

  • Are you smart and capable, but don’t feel you’ve lived up to your potential?
  • Do you seem stuck in painful memories, poor habits and feeling unworthy?
  • Are you now ready to let it all go so you can live the life you really want?


They all mean the same thing: safe methods of help, used for centuries by our ancestors.
Go ahead and watch my videos. There’s one on every Services page, plus extras under Videos.

Once you’ve decided to take charge of your health and life, go ahead and

Schedule your 1 Hour Session. (Box is to the right.)

You can be anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter. I do distant and surrogate work. I can help your loved ones, too, from newborns to seniors, plus pets.

I’ve trained in over 25 energy healing techniques. I use five most often. You get exactly what you need at each session. We decide together what would be most beneficial for you.

You want an experienced practitioner who can quickly uncover your root issues and permanently clear them. Treating clients since 1996, I’ve learned that almost always, the root cause of physical problems is emotional stress. The root of emotional stress is unresolved trauma. Let’s get this cleaned up. Book your session.

In Toronto, I see clients at my office on Danforth Ave., near Chester Station. I also go to hospitals, make house calls and provide corporate wellness. For everyone else, anywhere in the world, I do Skype and telephone sessions, plus distant healing (surrogate healing).

Before your session, make a list of everything and everyone that bothers you. Include physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, habitual and relationship issues. Most people have 50 – 100 things on that list. Rate each one on intensity from 1 – 10, with 10 being very bad. DO NOT send me this list. Have it with you for your session. 

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